Canadians Are the Largest Visitor and Top Spender Market in the U.S.A.

Border Canada is your one-stop source for Travel Research on Canadian Visitation to the United States.

XBorder Canada's U.S. state and city level visitor program will:

use the Statistics Canada's traveler volumetrics.
sample Canadian households each month using a multi-panel survey approach.
provide timely reporting (quarterly, seasonaly and annually - available about 90 days after time period).

XBorder Canada:

  allows for custom questions to be added, such as product or ad awareness, product ratings, etc. 
  tracks all 50 states, major cities and regions
  replaces the former official Statistics Canada state visitor data.
XBorder Canada is a partnership between Travel Market Insights, Inc. and DataPath Systems    Contact:Scott C. Johnson, 518-668-2559

XBorder Trip Profile Section

    By Trip
    • Length of stay
    • Purpose of Trip
    • Transportation
    • Packages
    • Party Composition

    By State
    • Total Volume (person and person-days)
    • Spending
    • Destinations visited
    • Accommodations
    • Trip Activities

    By City
    • Total Volume (person and person-days)
    • Spending

XBorder Trip Influences Section

    • Motivations/Barriers to US travel

    • Trip Planning Tools

    • Future travel plans

    • Current events (Changed quarterly starting in 2019)

    • Demographics 

XBorder eNewsletter  
('Up In Canada')  

    • Statistics Canada total Canada to U.S. traveler volumes for 2 months prior

    • In depth analysis of a key topic

    • Exchange Rates/Economic data trends

    • Transborder passenger counts for major Canadian Airports

    • Holidays/Upcoming events

    • Links to other news related to Canadian/US Travel
XBorder Canada is a partnership between Travel Market Insights and DataPath Systems  

XBorder Basic Subscription 2018 


    • Annual Trip Profile data tables on Canadian visitors to the U.S., to your region, and to your destination(s).

    • Plus choice of transportation, purpose of trip, or province of origin Profile Tables.

    • Visitors, Nights, and Spending volume estimates.

    2019 also includes:

    • eNewsletter starting with 2019 travel trends.

    • Data Collection monthly.

XBorder Add-ons Available:

    • Annual Trip Influences data tables on Canadian visitors to the U.S., to your region and to your destination(s).

    • Quarterly/Seasonal/Semi-annual data runs – you define the timeframe.

    • Proprietary Questions - add your own questions to the survey.

    Custom Banner (Sub-groups) – create your own sub-group profiles.

    PowerPoint Graphs – summary graphics based on your runs.

    Custom Reports – Costs and specifics determined in consultation with your project manager.
XBorder Canada is a partnership between Travel Market Insights and DataPath Systems

The XBorder Canada team invites you to join with us in our philosophy to answer the challenge of not only continuing the official state level metrics of Canadian visitors, but to improve and expand upon it.

Travel Market Insights Inc.

Scott C. Johnson  518-668-2559

DataPath Systems

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